An Overview

Residential property has been at the heart of the Ellis Campbell Group since inception and continues to play a key role in providing long term stable income.

The Ellis Campbell Group has been involved in the residential property market since 1877 as house builder, investor and landlord with family members learning the ropes by door to door rent collection (and many cups of tea) from the Group’s long standing tenants.

Up until the mid-1970’s the entire property portfolio consisted of houses built by the Group and let out on weekly tenancies. From 1974 most houses were sold on vacancy to diversify into commercial property investments up until the mid 80s when the Group refurbished and re-let again. All properties were managed in house and in most cases residential rents were still collected at the door until this role was outsourced in 1996 to Greenwood and Co in Farnham, who continue to manage the Group’s residential portfolio. Residential estates built and owned by the Group were located at or around Altrincham, Knutsford, Hale, Oxford, Iver, Taunton, Farnham, Reading, Hamble and London.

In 1979 the Group formed a joint venture with Home and Capital Trust Ltd, which later became Sovereign Reversions Plc, creating an equity release property investment scheme and still owns a portfolio of equity release properties.

In 2009, the Group formed a joint venture with Southern Properties Ltd and another family office to build up a portfolio of regulated tenancies in the south of England.