An Overview

As the Group operations are outsourced, joint ventures have been a crucial part of the Group’s evolution

The Group is proud of all the partnerships both on the investment and development side that the Group has enjoyed over the years.

It is extremely proud of its close working relationship with C2 Capital, a business it co-founded in 2009, and with Southern Residential. Partnerships are all about the people and the Group would happily consider working alongside like-minded people who understand and respect what we do.

C2 Capital

In August 2009 Laura Montgomery and Julian Carey formed C2 Capital Ltd. to provide commercial real estate underwriting and investment opportunities including investment funds. The Group backed and invested in two commercial property underwriting funds in 2010 and 2012.  The two funds have invested £50m worth of assets and the second fund continues to invest. C2 Capital was acquired by Stenprop in 2017 but the Group continues to have a close working relationship with C2 Capital, who act as both investment managers and asset managers.

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Multi-let Industrial Fund

The Group invested in Industrials, a C2 Capital joint venture with Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing, in January 2015. The fund acquired 25 high quality multi-let industrial estates across the UK and was sold to Stenprop Limited for £127m in 2017.

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Southern Residential Limited

The Group joined forces with Southern Residential to launch this fund in 2008 with the objective of building up a portfolio of good quality regulated tenancies in the South East of England. The fund continues to invest in regulated tenancies at attractive discounts producing a solid return and the Group continues to believe that regulated tenancy investment should form part of the portfolio.